WoW SoD Gold Farm – 5 Ways to Make Gold in Season of Discovery Phase 2

The in-game economy is vital to the experience and purchasing high-end gear and mounts or even enchantments and glyphs. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make gold in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2.

Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning are gathering professions that provide steady income through resource collection. Alchemy and Tailoring are crafting-related professions that also bring in a significant amount of gold.

Dark Iron Ordinance

The Dark Iron Ordinance is a valuable currency that unlocks powerful runes for mages, warlocks, and rogues. It also sells well on the auction house, making it a great source of buy wow season of discovery gold. You can farm this item in various places, but the best spots for mages are the Wetlands and Bloodstone Burrows, as enemies are close together and have a high chance to drop the ordinance. You can also farm it in dungeons, as enemies in Blackrock Spire and Arathi Highlands often drop the item.

However, the Nightbane Vile Fang Worgens in Duskwood also drop this item, which can be challenging to farm as a solo player. The good news is that you can skin the worgens for Heavy Leather, which is another profitable item to sell on the Auction House.

Chest Farming

In Season of Discovery, the enchanting landscapes of Azeroth are home to troves of valuable resources that can make you rich. These treasures include in-demand items and materials, such as Small Flame Sac, Wildvine, and Mageweave Cloth.

To harvest these chests, you’ll need to have the right equipment. Depending on your class and spec, you can optimize your efforts by leveraging your abilities and using addons.

For example, a Rogue can use stealth to avoid enemies while a Warlock can spam CC skills to quickly clear out hordes. An addon like GatherMate2 or its Classic counterpart can track your location and predict future chest spawns, allowing you to create efficient routes to maximize your earnings. Similarly, an addon such as Routes can streamline your travel between known chest locations.


Although not the most efficient way to farm gold, fishing can be a relaxing and fun activity to do while waiting for dungeons or PVP queues. In addition, it also gives a good source of cloth, especially linen and wool cloth for tailors, and there is a chance to get some green item drops for enchanters.

This farm is particularly great for Skinning as it provides tons of Turtle Scales and Turtle Meat even if you are not a Skinner, which can then be sold on the Auction House for extra money. Another great bonus to this spot is that it also offers a good amount of Winter Squid, which can be sold on the Auction House for a lot of gold as it provides a good food buff for Melee DPS characters.


Bags are a big deal in Classic, and they are a huge money maker. Rolling a Tailor is a great option for making gold in WoW SoD and beyond. Most Tailoring recipes require cloth, which can be farmed from humanoid mobs throughout Azeroth or bought on the Auction House. A Tailor can also craft various consumables such as potions and flasks that are very valuable in Classic. Lastly, Tailors can make their own weapons by combining runecloth and wool cloth. This makes Tailors one of the best WoW SoD gold farm professions to level. The only downside to this is that it requires a little patience.


In the WoW Season of Discovery world of supply and demand, alchemy can be a very lucrative profession. This is especially true during the early phases of SoD. You can craft items like Minor Healing Potions and Elixirs of Minor Fortitude that sell very well on the Auction House, a perfect combination for your early SoD gold farming routine.

Optimize your alchemy crafting by focusing on recipes that yield the highest profit margins and using add-ons to track resource nodes and market prices. Also, consider pairing your alchemist with another gathering profession such as Herbalism to reduce costs and maximize profits. Keep an eye on the Auction House for surges in demand for certain items and take advantage while the supply outstrips the market.